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First-Then Board

Discover the first-then board, a small visual schedule. It displays a less-preferred activity, the "first", followed by a preferred activity, the "then". This intervention is designed to increase motivation to complete a less desired task, with reinforcement. A first-then board may be used with an individual who is not yet ready for a more complex visual schedule. Photographs, pictures icons, written words, and even objects can be incorporated.

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First-Then: Classroom - SM

First-Then Resources

Blank First-Then Template
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First-Then - Classroom
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First-Then - Homework
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First-Then - Park
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First-Then - Snack
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Book Suggestions

Book Cover - Teaching Yound Children with ASD

Teaching Young Children with Autistic Spectrum Disorders to Learn: A Practical Guide for Parents and Staff in General Education Classrooms and Preschools

Hannah, Liz

This practical book is an invaluable resource for those who live and work with children, ages three to seven, who have an autism spectrum disorder. It provides a range of strategies such as schedule systems including First-Then schedules, to help adults and children work and play together with success.