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Autism Therapy To Become Mandatory Benefit For Federal Workers

By 2017, the Federal Government will require all health insurance providers in the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program to provide for ABA therapy for individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) by 2017.

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Parents Find Ways To Mitigate Bullying, Teasing

Families will learn about strategies they can use to minimize bullying of their children at school because they may appear "different". Here's what some parents did to make an impact of teachers and students before their children every started school.

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Emergency Rooms Adapt For Those with Sensory Needs

Many parents have reported difficulty in supporting their children with sensory needs when they've had to wait in Emergency Rooms for care. Now, an Emergency Room has listened and has developed a special option for parents who’s children may need sensory support as they wait.

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Tommy Hilfiger Debuts Adaptive Clothing Line

Tommy Hilfiger released a line of adaptive clothing on its website Tuesday. The 22-piece children's offering is comprised of items that look just like clothing in the company's regular spring collection, but include magnets, velcro and other modifications to allow for easy on and off for kids with disabilities.

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The Importance of Parents and Professionals Partnering

This excerpt describes how using the dance metaphor can help build better parent-professional partnerships.

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January 1, 2016 marks the beginning of a rate increase for I/O Waiver Homemaker/Personal Care Providers as a result of the last Ohio budget passed.

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