From My Perspective Podcast

Episode 7: Interview with Maria

Maria is a Special Education Transition and Vocational Coordinator supporting young adults with autism. She is also a parent of two boys with autism. Maria shares her thoughts on self-care, why it is important to find something that works for you, and how enjoying quiet time together has become a weekend ritual to support the health and well-being of her family.

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Episode 6: Interview with Ginny

Ginny is a parent of a young adult with autism. She also provides support for families and individuals with autism. Ginny shares what self-care means to her, why it is vital for parents and caregivers, and how it has strengthened her well-being, happiness, and ability to conquer the world.

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Episode 5: Interview with Michelle

Michelle is a young adult woman who shares her story of going blind and losing her hearing. She talks about the importance of family and why she’s so passionate about self-advocacy.

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Episode 4: Patrick John Hughes and Patrick Henry Hughes

Straight off the stage at OCALICON 2017, our keynote speakers share some additional insight and encouragement for families.

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Episode 3: Interview with Jeff

Jeff is the dad of two young boys with disabilities. In this short interview, he’ll share a proud parenting moment, and his hopes for one of his sons.

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Episode 2: Interview with Julie

Julie is a deaf woman, a mother and a teacher. She shares how her daughter’s experience has been different than her own, her passion for language access, and got us all crying.

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Episode 1: Interview with Kelli

In this episode, Kelli shares her experience as an autistic woman who received a diagnosis after college. She describes her process and why she uses “identify first” language. She also shares thoughts on relationships and work, who’s books she reads and blogs she follows, and wraps up with some great advice.

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