From My Perspective Podcast

Episode 13: Contributing To A Vibrant Community

The words "providing opportunities and promoting independence" guide the efforts of two social purpose enterprises to empower people with disabilities in their community. Mitsi and Temple from Art & Clay on Main and Square 7 Coffee House share how their social purpose enterprises contribute to "bringing about a vibrant community where people lead fulfilling lives and make meaningful contributions".

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Episode 12: Belonging Series: Vision For A Good Life

Discover how families and professionals can support the people they care for with creating a vision for a good life. "All people have the right to live, love, work, play, and pursue their life aspirations…". Celia and LaDonna share more through their personal and professional experiences with supporting others with living their best lives, and how Charting the LifeCourse provides the tools to create a vision to support that good life.

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Episode 11: Belonging Series: Follow Your Heart

“Follow your heart. I knew something else was going on with my son. As a mother, you have that instinct…”. Katwai shares her journey as a mother and advocate for her son and how this journey took many paths in finding the diagnosis, services, and resources, including a few from OCALI, to support her son with living his best life. A life where he is welcomed, heard, accepted, and loved.

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Episode 10: Interview with Starr

With efforts underway to enhance the political power of people with disabilities by increasing voter registration and engagement, Starr shares her personal experience with accommodations and access to election information and voting options. She also offers tips and ideas to support others, including exploring resources from the The Arc, Vote for Access, and the American Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD) REV UP Campaign.

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Episode 9: Maintaining A Strong, Healthy Foundation

As we find ourselves taking on new roles and approaches to our daily lives during COVID-19, addressing your basic self-care needs is especially important to maintain a strong, healthy foundation. Julie, Dee, and Jen share their experiences as parents of young adults with disabilities and offer some simple tips and ideas to support others with their own self-care practices.

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Episode 8: A Better Me, A Better You: Sharing Your Self-Care Journey

Each person’s journey with self-care and finding a more balanced life is unique. Inspiration can often be found in the experiences of others. This episode features interviews from the OCALICON 2019 session A Better Me, A Better You. Attendees were invited to share their self-care journey, each offering a unique perspective on how he or she recognizes and approaches self-care. By sharing these stories, experiences, and perspectives, we hope you are inspired to take the first step to start a new habit or the next step as you continue on your own self-care journey.

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Episode 7: Interview with Maria

Maria is a Special Education Transition and Vocational Coordinator supporting young adults with autism. She is also a parent of two boys with autism. Maria shares her thoughts on self-care, why it is important to find something that works for you, and how enjoying quiet time together has become a weekend ritual to support the health and well-being of her family.

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Episode 6: Interview with Ginny

Ginny is a parent of a young adult with autism. She also provides support for families and individuals with autism. Ginny shares what self-care means to her, why it is vital for parents and caregivers, and how it has strengthened her well-being, happiness, and ability to conquer the world.

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Episode 5: Interview with Michelle

Michelle is a young adult woman who shares her story of going blind and losing her hearing. She talks about the importance of family and why she’s so passionate about self-advocacy.

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Episode 4: Patrick John Hughes and Patrick Henry Hughes

Straight off the stage at OCALICON 2017, our keynote speakers share some additional insight and encouragement for families.

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Episode 3: Interview with Jeff

Jeff is the dad of two young boys with disabilities. In this short interview, he’ll share a proud parenting moment, and his hopes for one of his sons.

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Episode 2: Interview with Julie

Julie is a deaf woman, a mother and a teacher. She shares how her daughter’s experience has been different than her own, her passion for language access, and got us all crying.

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Episode 1: Interview with Kelli

In this episode, Kelli shares her experience as an autistic woman who received a diagnosis after college. She describes her process and why she uses “identify first” language. She also shares thoughts on relationships and work, who’s books she reads and blogs she follows, and wraps up with some great advice.

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