Early Childhood Tip of the Month

Pizza on Friday nights – routine and predictability!


We all fall into routines. A cup of coffee in the morning…a story before bedtime…pizza on Friday nights. Routines are important; they provide us with predictability in our lives. The same is true for babies, toddlers and preschooler. Routines can provide children a feeling of comfort and safety. They learn to trust that others will take care of them so they can be free to relax, explore, play and learn. Routines (like bedtime routines) can help make transitions between day-to-day activities easier, allowing young children to anticipate what will happen next. What a great way to help limit the amount of “no’s” you find yourself saying to your child throughout the day, when they learn to anticipate and expect what comes next. There are many opportunities to embed routines from the beginning to the end of your child’s day at mealtimes, bath time, playtime, clean up and more. Learn more how routines provide the two key ingredients for learning: relationships and repetition here