Early Childhood Tip of the Month

Father smiling holding his young son

You know your child best!


If you are a new parent of a child with a disability, you may feel that you have entered a world of a variety of professionals, complex terminology, and tons of information and opinions from others. It can be overwhelming! Often, you must trust the expertise of professionals to guide you in decisions impacting you, your child, and family. So, get to know the professionals in your child’s life. Don’t hesitate to share your concerns with them, or ask any questions that will make you feel more comfortable. There is much to learn and do, but always remember -- you know your child best!

And if you are a professional, parents are relying on you! Sharing a concern about a child’s development with a parent is never easy, but it can be an important way for you to make a tremendous difference in the child’s quality of life, learning, and later development. If parents come to you with concerns about their child, listen respectfully. Find ways to support parents so that they feel confident in making important decisions about their child’s care and learning.

Effective parent and professional partnerships depend on building trust through listening, understanding, and respectful communication.