Early Childhood Tip of the Month

Get your Spring Cleaning on!


Are you new to parenting a child with special needs? If so, you may feel you are entering a new world and there is so much to learn and do. You may already have mountains of paperwork about your child (like records, brochures, information sheets) that have been shared with you by many professionals. As you receive this information from many sources, you may feel overwhelmed. This is where a little spring cleaning can help! Organizing the information and records that you collect is an important part of managing your child’s care and progress. Your child will have different needs at different points in her life, so start your organizing early! If you set up a simple system, things will be much easier over time, especially as the number of professionals you meet with grows. Many parents find that folders or binders are a great tools for keeping the paperwork organized in a manner that is easier to share. This is a simple way to take information with you to all appointments and meetings. Many use online methods track records and share information.

Guiding People Through Systems (GPS) is an online care notebook to help families, children, teens and adults with disabilities organize important medical and school records into one convenient, online resource. With this tool, you can build a virtual binder of information that can be shared with schools and healthcare or service providers (ohiogps.org).