Customized Employment Guide

Job Development

What is CE Job Development?

It is person centered, starts with the job seeker’s interests and preferences, and looks for negotiated work within a company, or opportunities for self employment or resource ownership. It differs from the traditional job development approach, seeking to fill an available job opening in competition with other job seekers. It starts with the job seeker not the employer. CE job development strategies include:

Developing a list of 20 employers based on the three vocational themes that have been developed for the job seeker.

Using informational interviews and social capital to meet with employers to learn about the work that might be a fit for the job seeker and fill a need for the employer (Griffin Hammis Associates).


  1. Establish that the participant must be in agreement with any job development planning.
  2. Have the participant invite "members" of personal support team, friends, relatives, family or neighbors who have contacts and social capital in the community.
  3. Remember you are not asking for a job when you do an informational interview.


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