Communications and Media


The OCALI brand includes the words, phrases, logos, designs, and other distinctive brand features associated with OCALI and its resources, events, and services.

Below find brand assets for OCALI and the OCALI Centers. These brand assets may be used to help promote materials and events created by or with OCALI or OCALI Centers.


Our typeface is Avenir LT Std.


Please follow these guidelines when using OCALI logos:

  • Keep the logo to its original proportions, shape, orientation, and color.
  • Do not distort, stretch, rotate, or change the color of the logo.
  • Make sure the logo has adequate contrast with its background. Use the white version of the logo when placed on a dark background.
  • Give the logo adequate room on all sides. Do not have the logo overlap other graphics.

Each ZIP file contains color and white versions of the logo and center icon as a PNG and EPS.

If you have any problems downloading or using these logos, please contact us.

Download ZIP

ASD Strategies in Action Logos
Download ZIP

Autism Center Logos
Download ZIP

Center for the Young Child Logos
Download ZIP

Family Center Logos
Download ZIP

Lifespan Transition Center Logos
Download ZIP

Teaching Diverse Learners Center
Download ZIP

Universal Design for Learning Center Logos
Download ZIP

ATAEM Center Logos
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Outreach Center Logos
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Multi-System Navigation Center Logos
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Lending Library Logos
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Policy Center Logos
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Color Palette

  • Pantone 326
  • CMYK: 77,6,39,0
  • RGB: 0,175,170
  • Web: 00afaa
  • Pantone 300
  • CMYK: 100,62,7,0
  • RGB: 0,92,185
  • Web: 005cb9
  • Pantone 1935
  • CMYK: 14,100,74,4
  • RGB: 204,0,61
  • Web: cc003d
  • Pantone 2665
  • CMYK: 62,73,0,0
  • RGB: 127,86,197
  • Web: 7f56c5
  • Pantone 376
  • CMYK: 56,3,100,0
  • RGB: 130,188,0
  • Web: 82bc00
  • Pantone 2716
  • CMYK: 36,27,0,0
  • RGB: 160,174,229
  • Web: a0aee5
  • Pantone 709
  • CMYK: 0,73,37,0
  • RGB: 244,97,120
  • Web: F46178
  • Pantone 151
  • CMYK: 0,60,100,0
  • RGB: 225,126,34
  • Web: ff7e22
  • Pantone 3298 C
  • CMYK: 100,33,75,24
  • RGB: 0,104,83
  • Web: 006853