Planning for Transition Assessment: How to Use Partners and Data to Help Students Set, Refine, and Achieve Post-School Goals

August 25, 2022 | 4:00pm

To help students with disabilities set post-school goals and find meaningful graduation pathways, it is important to understand their Preferences, Interests, Needs, and Strengths (or PINS). Explore a Planning for Transition Assessment process that includes resources to help students and educators build a team, identify a student’s PINS, and support a student’s progress toward achieving post-school goals. Learn about OCALI’s new online Age-Appropriate Transition Assessment Planning Guide and how it allows users to focus on a certain step of the transition assessment process to support the student where they’re at. Discover how educators can use this tool and process to build a student’s team, leverage partners and agencies to best support the student, and share data on the student to help them reach their adult life goals.

Presented by: Ray Blevins, Consultant, Region 15 – State Support Team; Alex Corwin MA, Center Director, OCALI.

AATA Project

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