Know More Do More: Social-Emotional Wellbeing

April is Autism Acceptance Month

We are grateful to be part of a community of people who are just as committed to inspiring change and promoting access for people with disabilities as we are. It’s what fuels our team and the work that we do each and every day.

Though our daily lives may look a little different, celebrating things that matter and bring hope and inspiration to the people we serve, is now more important than ever. That’s why we are excited to celebrate Autism Acceptance Month with all of YOU.

This week, we are featuring resources from our Lending Library on the social-emotional wellbeing of people with disabilities and those who live with, love, and care for them. This collection of resources has been prepared by the Autism Center at OCALI.

This week's featured items from the Autism Center and Lending Library

OCALI’s Organization Toolkit

This collection of low- and mid-tech tools are designed to help students who struggle with organizing their school work, staying focused during work time, or who need reminders to complete tasks.

Organization Kit

Book: You Are a Social Detective
by Winner, Michelle Garcia & Crooke, Pamela

Geared for ages 5-10+, this book explores how to develop kids’ own social detective skills, including using their eyes, ears, and brains. To further practice the skills, there is a Social Detective app (ages 7-12) available for $12.99 (as of 3/12/2020).

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You Are a Social Detective Book Cover

Book: Building Social Relationships
by Bellini, Scott

The book explores how to assess social skills and systematically teach needed skills and contains 40+ instructional strategies. It also includes a revised version of the Autism Social Skills Profile (ASSP-2), an instrument designed to measure social competence in youth on the spectrum.

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Building Social Relationships Book Cover

Book: Incredible 5-Point Scale
by Buron, Kari Dunn & Curtis, Mitzi

The 5-Point Scale is a simple scale that can be used to teach social understanding, and provides a visual representation of social behaviors, emotions, and abstract ideas. Other OCALI resources about this strategy include the Resource Gallery of Interventions and an Autism Internet Module (AIM).

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Incredible 5-Point Scale Book Cover

Book: Making Social Learning Stick!
by Sautter, Elizabeth

This book offers a social learning diet of concepts and actions that can be used in everyday life to increase verbal and nonverbal language, listening skills, understanding of hidden rules, perspective taking, executive functioning, and more. The activities are recipes for social and emotional learning for which parents, teachers, and therapists typically already have the ingredients. With close to 200 fun and easy activities, including contributions from leading experts, this book offers numerous ways to embrace teachable moments throughout daily routines without having to do extra work!

Making Social Learning Stick! Book Cover

Assessment: Vineland SEEC
Vineland Social-Emotional Early Childhood Scales

This is a measure of social-emotional development for children from birth through 5 years and 11 months. The instrument assesses social and emotional function, examining the child's world of feelings and relationships and documenting how he or she interacts in the home and external environment.

Assessment: SRS-2 Social Responsiveness Scale 2nd Edition

The SRS-2 identifies the presence of severity of social impairment with autism spectrum disorder and differentiates it from other disorders.

SRS-2 Social Responsiveness Scale 2nd Edition
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