Creating A Movement: Ensuring Safe and Supportive Learning Environments for the Whole Child Through A Unique School-Community Partnership

August 26, 2021 | 4:00pm

The proverb “it takes a village to raise a child” explains how an entire community must interact with children in order for those children to thrive in a safe and healthy environment. What happens when the village is met with an unprecedented situation? For one village, it created a movement among existing partners to collectively change their interactions with children and families to ensure safe, healthy, and supportive learning environments within the home. During this InspirED episode, partners from this unique school-community collaboration in Cincinnati share their experiences and collective efforts to promote childhood well-being and family outcomes. Additionally, learn how joining forces under a common agenda resulted in a stronger, more resilient village supporting the whole child.

Presented by: Dr. Carrie Bunger, Director, Positive School Culture & Safety, Cincinnati Public Schools; Sarah Zawaly, Senior Specialist, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, Joining Forces for Children; Margie Weaver, Assistant Director, Children’s Services, Hamilton County Job and Family Services; and Jen Bavry, Special Projects Manager, OCALI

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