Girls and Women on the Autism Spectrum


Facilitated by Dr. Ruth Aspy and Dr. Barry Grossman, a panel of autistic women including Sondra Williams, Chloe Rothschild, Lindsey Nebeker, and Kim Clairy discuss their diagnosis, personal and professional relationships, and careers. Recorded live at OCALICON 2019. Kim Clairy’s husband, William Miller, provided support to Kim during the panel. Listen to the full podcast here

Females on the autism spectrum are 4 times less likely to be diagnosed with autism than males. But why?

Why are girls often overlooked or diagnosed later in life and why does their road to diagnosis often take detours along the way?

Do You Really Have Autism? A familiar question asked of many autistic women.

Camouflaging: What is it? What are its benefits? What are the costs of camouflaging?

What are some of the differences in characteristics between females and males with autism?

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