April 2023 is Autism Acceptance Month

We are grateful to be part of a community of people who are just as committed to inspiring change and promoting access for people with disabilities as we are. It’s what fuels our team and the work that we do each and every day.

Celebrating things that matter and bringing hope and inspiration to the people we serve is important. That’s why we are excited to celebrate Autism Acceptance Month with all of YOU.

During the month of April, OCALI will share information and resources with you that span the spectrum—from early childhood to school-age to adulthood. Each week, we will feature resources on different topics from the Autism Center, Center for the Young Child, Lifespan Transitions Center, the Family and Community Outreach Center, and the Office of Policy.

Follow and engage with us throughout the month of April using the hashtags #SpanningTheSpectrum and #InspiringChange.

Resources for Understanding Autism for School-Age Children

Week of April 10

This collection of resources has been prepared by the Autism Center at OCALI.

Resources for Supporting Independence from Adolescence to Adulthood

Week of April 24

This collection of resources has been prepared by the Lifespan Transitions Center at OCALI.