Employment and the Youth with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Embracing Diversity

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Where We Are Headed

Opportunities are advancing in the world and giving way for all individuals, no matter their ability, to achieve their preferred life outcome, no matter what stage of life, and live their best lives. Employment is changing, jobs are diversifying, and therefore skill sets required for maintaining employment are changing as well.

Hiring practices are evolving. Ways employers evaluate potential candidates for employment are shifting. Criteria considered is broadened to include a more diverse workforce more inclusive of people with differences, and people with disabilities. Gone are the days when the suit, tie, and the interview were the standard to earn a job. Companies are rethinking their hiring process to better match the skills sets needed to perform the task, and are seeing higher returns in their company, whether that be higher productivity or lowering the turnover rate of employees. More flexible hiring practices open the hiring pool to candidates with different qualifications. It is a win-win for everyone involved!

Work environments are increasing in flexibility as well. No longer are companies tied to on-site work, instead, working from satellite locations creates solutions for employers, employees and customers. Therefore adults with social challenges, may find their voice in satellite locations. Providing an environment for all employees to succeed and honor their unique work habits brings innovative ideas to the company.

Today you hear terms like mission focused, equity and inclusivity, sustainable, locally grown, small local business, etc. We have a different employer profile. Businesses are founded and operating on a set of strong ideals and values. The way they conduct business is as important as the quality of the product they are producing or marketing. There is foundation of tolerance, acceptance, and innovation that supports the diverse population of employees we are discussing here - inclusive of people with learning differences.

How will you contribute to the evolving workforce of tomorrow?

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