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What is Nexus?

Designed to serve individuals with ASD or developmental disabilities - and the parents, families, and professionals who support, teach, and guide them - Nexus is your central source for events, programs, organizations, and service providers in Ohio.

Who can use it?

Nexus is open to all Ohio residents.

How much does it cost?

There is no cost to use or submit to Nexus.

Who is allowed to submit?

Submissions are accepted from any group, organization, host, or individual who provides products, services, or supports for or about individuals with autism or developmental disabilities in Ohio.

Does my event or organization have to be Ohio-based?

All events must be based in Ohio. Organizations who serve Ohioans may submit their information for consideration.

What does "Region" mean on the submission form?

Region refers to the particular area of Ohio where the opportunity occurs or an organization provides services. For example, State Support Team 1 is located in Northwest Ohio.

What does "Audience Age Range" mean on the submission form?

Nexus lists events and organizations that serve or support both individuals with autism or disabilities and those adults (parents, professionals, service providers, etc.) who support them. Select or search for the particular audience that an event or organization will serve. For example, select "Adult" for a workshop entitled "Navigating the Work Environment." Or select "Secondary School (Ages 13-21)" for an animation camp designed for teens and young adults.

How long will it take for my submission to appear on Nexus?

An OCALI staff member or designee reviews each submission before it is posted on Nexus. The typical review time is 3-5 days.

What happened to the Services and Supports database?

Nexus is the next evolution of the Services and Supports Database, combining organizations and providers with listings for events and programs.

The Services and Supports Database will continue to function during the transition period to Nexus.

Thanks, but my question isn't answered above, or I need additional assistance.

Contact Nexus administrator Courtney Yantes.

Terms of Use and Policies

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Nexus accepts voluntary anonymous submissions for events, programs, organizations, and/or providers. Submissions are posted at the sole discretion of OCALI and may be removed or suspended if the event, program, organization, or provider is found to be false, invalid, erroneous, or harmful.

Submitter warrants that he/she has authority to submit information and/or listings to Nexus.

Submitter warrants that details of the submission are accurate and correct.

OCALI assumes no responsibility for ensuring that submissions are accurate and correct.

Each submission requires a designated primary contact. Periodic and timely news and information may be sent to a primary contact to inform him/her of opportunity releases, deadlines, and updates. OCALI will not share or distribute a user's contact information with outside or third party entities unless user grants OCALI permission to do so. Users may request to be removed from distribution lists by submitting such a request to