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Mobile Devices and Apps Assessment Tools

Mobile Devices

SNOW Feature Matching Checklist for Mobile Devices -  Online and Word doc checklist of mobile devices features to consider.

iPad Features Chart - Developed by Gayl Bowser and Nicole Lakusta and collaboratively created by the QIAT community, the iPad Features Chart covers physical features, operation, social aspects, work / use environments, possible disadvantages and access features.


Quick Feature Matching Checklist for iPads -  Feature-matching tool to determine effectiveness of apps including data tracking, voice output, customization, sensory, self-monitoring, share/email and motor skills features.

Sorting through AAC apps - Created in 2011 by Fonner & Marfilius, this chart provides a tool to identify features of AAC apps including portability, input features, tech support, visual appearance, processing features, output features and switch accessibility.  Resources for finding AAC apps are given.

Student's Use of Apps

iEvaluate App Rubric - Developed by Jeanette Van Houten.  This is an app evaluation rubric and worksheet to help decide which app is appropriate for progress toward specific IEP goals.