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Mobile Apps Selection

Google Search Tool - Type a search term into www.google.com, then select "More" and choose "Applications".

Appaboo! - Educational and therapeutic apps for students with special needs. Organized by categories for parents and teachers and includes topics such as communication, language arts, math, motor skills and more. Specific categories for speech and OT are available as well.

Bridging Apps - Enter as a teacher, parent, therapist or a variety of other professions. The "Insignio" search tool allows you to search and compare topics. Then review screenshots, skill levels, reviews, links and more.

Smart Apps for Kids - Mostly educational apps but also apps for students with special needs. This website maintains a free app section and showcases "Free Apps Fridays" which contains limited access to paid apps.

Apps for Children with Special Needs - Video reviews of apps for students with special needs. This site also features app promotions and giveaways.


Apps for Searching Apps

Autism Apps - This app provides a listing of apps that have been used by individuals with autism. Specific search terms can be entered such as "word prediction" or "communication". Results include reviews, links to videos and educational categories.