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Video Sreen Shot: Customized Employment and Job Development

Customized Employment and Job Development

Patty Cassidy, Griffin Hammis Associates

This video provides a brief overview of customized employment (CE) and describes how it differs from the traditional job market approach where an individual competes for a job with others through an application process. CE uses a flexible approach to match the skills of the applicant to the needs of the employer. Job development unfolds through a series of informational interviews with employers to see if the individual's skills might be used in a restructured job, a newly created job, or a resource ownership, all of which must benefit the employer with either increased revenue or efficiency of operation or customer satisfaction.

Video Sreen Shot: Medicaid Buy In

Medicaid Buy In

Mike Keffer, COVA, Center of Vocational Alternatives - Columbus, OH

Medicaid Buy In allows individuals with disabilities, who work, to buy in to Medicaid health insurance at little or no cost. Full time employment is not required and the asset and income requirements for Medicaid have been changed for this program. Watch this video to see how Medicaid Buy In can be a viable incentive for workers with disabilities.

Download Form JFS 07200 (PDF) | Download Form JFS 07211 (PDF)

Video Sreen Shot: Social Security Work Incentives

Social Security Work Incentives

Debi Schwartz, Social Security - Batavia OH

The Social Security Work Incentives are part of the Social Security Administration (SSA) efforts to promote employment among Social Security beneficiaries and reduce dependence on Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Social Security Disability Benefits (SSDI) cash benefits. Impairment Related Work Expenses (IRWE) such as transportation, job coaching, or medical equipment can be deducted so an individual qualifies to receive both a pay check and a calculated Social Securty benefit. The SSA also has a Student Earned Income Exclusion that is important for transition-age students who work and receive SSI benefits. Learn more about these and other work incentives in this video.

Video Sreen Shot: Why is Customized Employment Important for Transition Age Youth?

Why is Customized Employment Important for Transition Age Youth?

This webinar will help transition personnel learn about customized employment strategies and how they can be used in the transition planning process. Students with disabilities who have limited work experience and skills can benefit from bypassing the traditional labor market approach to employment. Through Discovery and informational interviews students have opportunities in a variety of settings to demonstrate and uncover their skills and interests and develop measurable post secondary employment goals. Customized Employment capitalizes on the creativity and resources of the transition team and the community to facilitate a good match between the student''s skills and support needs and the employer''s needs and work environment.

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