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What is CE Funding?

Funding for CE is usually obtained from a combination of sources and referred to as blended when several funding sources combine their funds in a common pool or braided when several funding sources are used in conjunction with each other.

Common funding sources include state vocational rehabilitation, Pathways (VRP3), developmental disabilities agencies, One Stop Centers, and for transition age youth, school districts may fund CE as part of a transition plan.  Other funding sources that are emphasized in CE are Social Security Work Incentives and PASS plans for those participants who are Social Security recipients. Small Business agencies are also sources for funding CE especially for self employment and resource ownership.


  1. Social Security has a Work Incentive Specialists who can advise you on benefits when you work.
  2. Many states now have Medicaid Buy In programs so you can work and maintain health insurance.
  3. You can get a benefit determination from a designated agency to see how work will impact your benefits.


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