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AT Implementation

AT Resource Guide - ­ Writing AT into the IEP

The AT Resource Guide includes a chapter about writing AT into the IEP. It offers a wide variety of sample goals and objectives addressing AT use and suggestions of where AT might be included in the various areas of Ohio’s IEP document.

AT Resource Guide: Writing AT Into the IEP

Writing AT Into the IEP

Discover how to document AT devices and services into the IEP to show how it supports the student's achievement of goals and progress in the general education curriculum.

ATIM - AT Supports and Services in the IEP

Documenting assistive technology (AT) in the individualized education program (IEP) is sometimes a daunting task. This module describes methods for indicating AT devices and services in the IEP. Proper documentation of AT in the IEP ensures that students will receive the necessary AT and corresponding services to enable them to access and participate in the school environment.

Assistive Technology Internet Modules: Assistive Technology Internet Modules (ATIM)

Assistive Technology Internet Modules (ATIM)

On-line assistive technology learning modules that cover a broad range of topics for educators, professionals, families, persons with disabilities, and others.

AT District Planning Webcast ­ - District-­Wide AT Planning: A View from 40,000 Feet

Assistive technology (AT) supports have traditionally been considered on a case­-by­-case basis within the scope of a student's IEP. It is necessary to consider and assess the need for AT, individually, for appropriate alignment of student needs with AT features and supports. Unfortunately, this time consuming process has not worked well for the actual implementation phase of the AT process in school settings. The system often delays student access to needed AT due to the time involved in pursuing and implementing individual funding, training, setup, and integration within already existing school technology.

This OCALI webinar/webcast discusses a comprehensive system of district­-wide planning for AT implementation that allows students quicker access to needed AT supports. Included in the presentation is a demonstration of a tiered model of AT supports. Consideration for multi-­environment implementation for "anytime anywhere" access to AT is also discussed. This webinar/webcast is appropriate for administrators, AT specialists, classroom teachers, related services providers, and others interested in the "big picture" implementation of AT services within their district.

District-Wide AT Planning: A View From 40,000 Feet

District-Wide AT Planning: A View From 40,000 Feet

This video will discuss a comprehensive system of district-wide planning for AT implementation that allows students quicker access to needed AT supports.