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All Behavior is Communication


Without an individualized, functional communication system, individuals with ASD may be unable to express what they want, think or feel. Hence, they may use an alternate behavior which may be misunderstood by those around them. Interpreting the behaviors as an attempt to communicate can help minimize the individual's feelings of frustration. For example, if the individual with ASD is hitting a peer, they may be attempting to engage the peer in a social interaction. Supporting them with using a sign, words, visual support or AAC device that expresses "let's play" will afford them with the opportunities to socialize. When behavioral concerns arise, conduct a functional behavior assessment (FBA). An FBA can be helpful in figuring out why the behavior might be happening and how to build a plan to address the individual's needs to communicate in a way understood by others.

To learn more, visit the Autism Internet Modules on Functional Behavior Assessment and Functional Communication Training.

Autism Internet Modules: Autism Internet Modules (AIM)

Autism Internet Modules (AIM)

Free, online modules on characteristics, evidence-based practices, and promising practices in ASD. Credit is available for a fee.
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