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Help Families to Select a Summer Camp


Summer is just weeks away, which means not only are we looking ahead to warmer days, but also to a favorite summer activity - camp! Overnight camps as well as day camp options are both great opportunities for a child to pursue a special interest, meet others, build skills, and have fun! Providing information in advance to both the camper and to the camp leaders is key. Talk with the leadership in advance about the schedule, expectations, accommodations, and activities. Give them information about your child and any supports that would be a good match for the camp environment such as a communication device, visual schedule, or warning time for transitions between activities. For the camper, write out details about camp that might be new or different such as the campground environment, activity highlights, life inside a cabin, and dining hall procedures. Ask some opened ended questions for the child to process and address such as special items he wants to pack (i.e. familiar objects, comfortable bedding, favorite shirt), which aspects of camp he is looking forward to, and any questions he has.

Top Ten Tips by Teresa Cardon

Visit the OCALI lending library for resources on this topic including:

Cabins, Canoes, and Campfires by Jill Hudson
Out and About by Amy Bixler Coffin and Jill Hudson
Top Ten Tips by Teresa Cardon

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