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Experience a comprehensive product that provides guidance during the process of transition to adulthood for individuals with autism spectrum disorder.

Open Court Resource Guide: A Video Series

Going to court is unsettling. It is particularly unsettling for youth with special needs and for their parents. The purpose of this video series prepared by the The Ohio State Bar Foundation is to help parents and youth with special needs understand the court process.  The first video explains a person’s rights when they are apprehended by the police. The second explain the court process and who may be in the courtroom. The third video explains how to prepare for a court appearance and how to act inside the courtroom.  These three videos are helpful for parents and for young adults when a youth is involved with the legal system.


Choosing the Right Services for Your Adult with ASD

Choosing services for an adult family member with Autism Spectrum Disorder can be difficult for parents. They find themselves having to make decisions without knowing the range of issues they need to consider. Families want a service that reflects their family values and one that is designed to provide the supports required to help their son or daughter remain actively engaged. This tool, Quality Residential and Other Services for Adults with Autism Guide, provides a framework to help parents in making this important decision.

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One Place for Special Needs

The website One Place for Special Needs has compiled web-based resources for families, educators and adults with disabilities who are interested in learning to drive. These weblinks include resources compiled previously and shared on the site. The first: The Driving Guide includes links to information ranging from Adaptive Driving and Driving with Autism to Traumatic Brain Injury and Driving. Driving Basics includes the addition of  links to free videos that on many facets of driving from becoming familiar with your vehicle to a guide for mirror adjustments and instruction on driving defensively.


Going To Work: A Guide to Social Security Benefits and Employment for Young People with Disabilities (2011 Edition)

Developed by the Institute for Community Inclusion, this booklet

  • Provides basic information about Social Security disability and health benefit programs
  • Tells what happens to Social Security disability and health benefits when a young person goes to work
  • Explains how to maximize a young person's options when he or she goes to work.

Young people and their families are in the best position to make choices about working when they have good information about the impact of work on benefits. The purpose of this booklet is to give families and professionals working with young people some practical, hands-on information about work incentives.


Understanding the IO Waiver’s Adult Family Living Service

Parents work hard to arrange residential supports ad services for their adult children with disabilities. This article by the Ohio Legal Rights Service provides important information on the Individual Options (IO) Waiver, explaining the Adult Family LIving Services provisions under the waiver. For those who have been grandfathered to allow them to continue accessing Home/Personal Care Services, it also identifies situations when that service agreement might changes.



APSI (Advocacy & Protective Services, Inc.) is a private, non-profit agency dedicated to protecting the rights of Ohioans with developmental disabilities. We advocate for the people we serve by helping to make their desires and needs known, especially when they cannot speak for themselves or if they have no other advocate. We do this by providing a full array of guardianship and protective services to individuals age 18 or older.


Employment First Rule Companion

Ohio's Employment First Rule took effect on April 1, 2014. This document, developed in partnership with self-advocacy groups, explains the Employment First Rule for all audiences, and can be a useful tool in the person-centered planning process.

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