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The Lifespan Transitions Center at OCALI

The Lifespan Transitions Center offers resources, training, technical assistance, and consultation to support the successful transition of individuals with autism and multiple disabilities throughout their school careers and into their adult lives. Resources address community living and employment.

Transitions Webcasts

Transitions Webcasts

View webcasts on a variety of topics related to transitions.
Transition to Adulthood Guidelines

Transition to Adulthood Guidelines

View online guidebooks on topics including Age-Appropriate Transition Assessment and IEP Transition Components.
ASD Download Basic: ASD Self-Check Checklist

ASD Self-Check Checklist

Characteristics and Qualities of an Effective Support Person for Individuals with ASD
Customized Employment Guide

Customized Employment Guide

Discover the strategies used in Customized Employment and links to more information for those who are just beginning.
Learn about Lifespan Transitions: Evidence Based Practices and Evidence Based Predictors for Adult Success

Evidence Based Practices and Evidence Based Predictors for Adult Success

Use these research-based tools to improve youth success in community employment and participation.
Nexus Calendar: Nexus


Sort of a cross between an online calendar of events and directory of service providers, Nexus is a single tool to help you search for nearby resources and happenings in your area.